Reliable. Flexible. Accessible.

Thoughtfully engineered to be the most
advanced, imaginative, flyer-friendly
interactives in the skies.


A better approach

Better to innovate
with us

Better to operate
with us

Better to
build with us

Develop Agility

CoKinetic’s agile, smart technology ushers in an unprecedented pace of innovation and creates unparalleled flexibility for airlines and their partners.

Media Management Services

Innovative technology platforms that transforms outdated aircraft media systems and processes into efficient, flexible and powerful media management solutions.

Interactive Software for In-Seat + Wireless IFE

CoKinetic offers a better approach to the development of interactives and enables never before seen flexibility in what airlines can do within their IFE systems.

Company Overview

CoKinetic is a successful, globally recognized leader in the in-flight entertainment (IFE) market. The company has become a primary source of innovation in IFE software, delivering award-winning IFE systems around the world since 2007.

  • 15YRS

    Building and deploying innovative software solutions since 2001

  • 50MIL

    Over 50 million passengers view CoKinetic interactives annually

  • 350A/C

    CoKinetic interactives currently deployed on over 350 aircraft

  • 3BIL

    Over 3 billion ad impressions delivered annually through OpenIFE Advertising


    We are hardware agnostic.


    A fresh approach


    Nimble, Creative, Responsive

In a Nutshell

CoKinetic’s technology, processes and service culture drive innovation like nothing else in the IFE industry.

CoKinetic is uniquely positioned to offer a full-service software, media and content solution that builds on the award-winning success of CoKinetic’s AirPlay software, underpinned by the company’s patented technology.